Turn up for the books in Plouray !!


Today, a delegation of NPCB administrators, accompanied by the Mayor of Plouray, handed over to Monsieur SAVY, the new préfet of Morbihan, the 14687 signatures collected by its petition against GDE/GED's project.

Monsieur SAVY informed them of his intention to visit the site in the near future, when the elections are over.

More significantly, he told the delegation about the letter he had just received from GED asking him toput an end to the instruction of the application to operate a landfill site!


GED is giving up !!


They've had to buckle under the unanimous mobilisation of the population, elected members, associations, against this mad project, the high number of statements at the public enquiry and the damming words of the commissioners on this mad scheme.


We can be proud of our collective achievement but we must remember that many questions are left unanswered:


  • Is GED planning to put in another application?

  • We will only deem the matter at an end when the land has been returned to agricultural use that is compatible with the exceptional environment of the Stanven valley,

  • What lies in store for our friends at Nonant-le-Pin and Guémené-Penfao who are in our thoughts?


The commissioners said it plainly, how can you trust a company whose operation is based on lies and incoherences, whose bad practices are demonstrated, which generates such antagonism wherever it is established?


GED's plan for a landfill site must not happen in Plouray or anywhere else.That operating mode is completely outdated and only proves the company's inability to enforce the law on recycling.


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